What is Installation Art?



Just like some movements comprising of the contemporary and the modern art, the installation art is based on innovations. This new art adopted by many artist genres offers a unique way of experiencing the art. For one to accept the importance of this unique art that distinct features to its influences which are so unique.


What is Installation Art?


This can be defined as a modern movement which is characterized by large than life and immersive works of art. The artists create these unique arts from a specific location making it easy for them to transform any space into the interactive and customized place. This is a new genre of the contemporary art and is practiced by a large number of postmodernist artists. It involves installation and configuration of objects into space like a big warehouse or a hung room. The arranged materials and space comprised of the actual artwork.


Since the installation and configuration allow the viewer to enter and move around it gives him/her to interact with the elements giving you a different perspective from the traditional painting which would be viewed from a single reference point.


Types of Installation art


These arts range from simple and very complex ones. It may be computer-based, gallery-based, web-based or electronic based these possibilities are dependent on the artists aim and concept. There are many media or material that may be used on this art some may be human made or natural, sculptures or painting, Animation, live performing sound and audio. Some installation art is indoor while some are public art constructed and configured to outdoor community spaces, or projected to the public. Some are mute while other require audience interaction


Characteristics of installation art:




One of the main features of this art is the ability to interact with the viewers. With all the artistic medium can engage the audience, but some do not immerse the audience into an interactive experience.




Since the art is interactive, most work of configuration and installation is done on a large scale. The massive structure will enable audience to become immersed wholly to a large than life situation. It allows then stand walk and sit to them.




These are not like the paintings or sculptures the installation is planned with a particular site of mind from roomsofthe galleries and museums to the outdoor space.